Come visit one of the oldest mines around and collect beautiful minerals, Such As: Sowbelly Agate, found only here in Creede mining district! Amethyst (some over 300 pounds! and all pieces take well to polish), we also have rare turquoise only found at the Last Chance.  Other minerals that have been found include but are not limited to Galena, Zinc, Shalpalerite, Pink Rhodonite, Native Silver, Chalcopyrite, Copper, Red Jasper, Pyrite, Black Manganese coated Amethyst crystals, Amethyst crystal plates,and Drusy Amethyst, Cessurite, Galena Ferrous Silver, and Sowbelly Agate (see image). What you find is yours to keep, for only $2.00 per pound.

Morris guarantees that collectors will find all the Amethyst Vein material they want.  Most collect-and carefully select-between 10 and 40 pounds.  Some take small bits for tumbling, while others select cabinet-sized specimens for display or even larger pieces for lapidary purposes.  The largest single piece of Amethyst Vein material collected was a 300-pound boulder destined to become a yard display.

Sowbelly agate makes a superb cutting material, and serious lapidaries sometimes collect more than 100 pounds of it at a time.  Collectors may also find fragmented plates of crystalline amethyst that formed as vug linings. Amethyst crystals as large as 1 inch have a clean purple hue and are sometimes gem quality.  For those who do not wish to collect, the Last Chance sells a large selection of sowbelly agate, plate amethyst, and other rocks and minerals.  Dump minerals include specimens of argentiferous galena and argentite that sometimes assay as high as 30 troy ounces of silver per ton.

Turquoise is another mineral occasionally found on the dumps.  The Last Chance, along with mines at Leadville, Cripple Creek, Manassas, and Bonanza, is one of five Colorado turquoise sources.  Although turquoise is not abundant, miners have collected it at the Last Chance since the 1890s.  The Last Chance in Creede has turquoise that occurs in a broad range of colors from yellow-green "lemon" turquoise to pale and deep greens and blues. Last Chance turquoise is sometimes flecked with iron-based brown inclusions and manganese-based black inclusions.

Available for large groups and clubs by appointment.

Open Memorial day weekend through the end of September.  Call to verify open dates after September 30th