1998Purchased the Last Chance Mine from Nancy Granger Schallen
1998&1999Restored Compressor House for my cabin cabin
1999Built the Deck
2000Moved from Pevely, Mo. to Colorado to live & restore the mine
2000Rebuilt the Miner's cabin, was the Oil Storage House
2002Restoration of L shaped tool shed on the Shaft House level
2003&2004Reconstructed second story workshop, as large Cabin
2008Opened tailings to public
2009-2010Built the Museum housing mining era 1891 to 1930 items
2010&2011Cleared loose rock from #2 mine portal, blasted and widened parking area
2011Started restoration of 1891 Ore Sorting House; Added solar power to cabins
2011Excavation of collapsed 1891 exploration shaft & restoration of shaft collar, headframe and winch hoist.
2011Won road rights case to keep Last Chance Mine Road a public road,
not controlled by selfish special interests. HOORAH!!!!!!!!
Special thanks to Chuck Powers, my selfless attorney
2011Awarded water rights from Stumptown Spring,for use at Last Chance Mine.
Special thanks to the Poxson Family, Pat McDermott, and Erich Schwiesow my consulting attorney
2011Finished restoration of 1891 exploration shaft, collar, headframe and winch
2013Obtained heavy earth moving equipment to maintain roads and excavations
2014Finished clearing #2 Portal
2014Increased solar power
2014Developed modular lighting system for tunnels
2015Installed >100 flood lights
2015Obtained Bobcat skid turn tractor
2016Used Bobcat to clear rubble from tunnels
2016Built reinforced save room
2016Opened Level 2 for tours (Aug)
2017Expanded lighting in tunnels
2017Finished restoration of Ore Sorting building
2017Started using credit card scanners
2017Moved jewelry display and sales to Ore Sorting building